How To Grow MLM Network Marketing Like The Martial Arts!

There are plenty of different types of Martial Arts in the world. You can see just how many here :
List Of Martial Arts at Ken To Fude No Ryu Karate

List Of Martial Arts

I have been training in the Martial Arts for over 25 years and what I have noticed is that it is exactly like building a Network Marketing business. You find people who enrol become White Belts in Japanese Martial Arts they attend a few classes and then stop and drop out. You will also find those that start off remain for a short while and then give up before achieving a Black Belt and then you find there are just a handfull that continue and actually do achieve their Black Belts. These people have true non-quiting attitude.

You will find that there are so many people who go around their whole life looking for opportunities and never ever take any. Did you know that in January you find the most amount of people who want to gym and never actually enrol or those that do enrol never attend a class. I call them opportunists as they just like to look and then they live their life as they know they can never achieve success in it. They are the hopeless failures in life and say ah what can I do? I’m not good enough. Well nobody told them that as they have convinced themselves of that Falsehood.They prefer to live their life in mediocrity.Its okay we need people like that.

Surprising Statistic
Did you know that from 10,000 people that start up a Martial Art like Karate there will be only 1 that will ever achieve the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt and earn the title of Sensei. This statistic must shock you. Well you see most people simply give up as they get distracted they allow their wives or husbands or even their parents and friends stop them from achieving what they initially set out to achieve. There are those that let the weather or television or even exams and studies stop them.
Most people never even make it to a 1st Degree Black Belt because they simply give up.

Looking for the next best thing
The other thing that happens is you find those that are always looking for the next fad or next craze and jump from one thing to the other. You find people going from karate to kickboxing then boxing then Ta Bo and they just keep on with this habit. Just like Network Marketing or even Jobs for that matter you find people who jump from one company to the other and never achieve any kind of significant success.

Become a Sensei
You will find that there are some people who will never ever give up no matter how many of their friends higher ranked or lower ranked then them give up. Wow isn’t that surprising! Same thing happens in Multi Level Marketing.Isn’t it amazing how someone in a level that you want to be at actually gives up. Those people that never give up eventually become top leaders in the industry and they get all the recognition, awards and they even get to travel the world. Some of those people become our mentors, teachers / Sensei’s and they teach 100’s of people. So many people say you so lucky I wish I didn’t give up but now it’s too late. Let me remind you of one thing as long as you are alive it is never too late. Once you dead ok then it’s time to rest and only then its too late.

Shihan Ejaz Latib

Become a Master
Then there are those special few people who remain with an organization for a long time they become recognized not only in their own company or dojo they become recognized by others from other organizations. These people hold seminars, workshops and so many people take them very seriously around the world. These people are the Masters or gurus in their trade. Just being in their company you are looking for that one line or thing that they will say that will change your life forever.

The Dream and The Master
Hold on tight to your dreams. Never ever allow a negative thought or a silly distraction to stop you or prevent you from achieving the true Success that you want. Are you going to be a Master of your own life or allow other people or circumstances to stop you. Nobody can stop you but yourself!!
Life is about living and making decisions. Make the right decision. Be an achiever inside and uphold. The code of the Samurai and remain Loyal & Honourable to your Dreams.

Be The Best of The Best! 
Yes YOU can have the loving heart of a child and the fearless heart of a Samurai Warrior and be The Master of your own life.
You are a Human ‘BE’ing so ‘BE’

Watch (Grandmaster 9th Dan) Soke Solly Said & Sensei Leilah Said (4th Dan) fight two Sensei’s (4th Dan) wielding Samurai Swords! from Ken To Fude No Ryu Karate